Global Waste Pickers Day Program


The Global Waste Pickers Day Program has been designed around celebrating Waste Pickers and Waste Workers for their impact towards a cleaner environment. With 5 activities, our program is centred around Recognise, Formalise and Value Waste Pickers. 

1. Launch Day 2nd November 2022: Our launch is where we discussed our aims and targets as well as how we aim to execute the program. This includes raising awareness to the community, recognising waste pickers impact and registering 3,000 waste pickers.

2. Waste Pickers Registration and Surveys: Registering waste pickers through the Zaidi App and conducting survey questionnaires in 10+ regions in Tanzania. Target: 3,000 registered Waste Pickers . This activity’s aim is to create a database of Waste Pickers around Tanzania, by using name, location, gender, age and an identifying photo. 

3. Community Service Day 8th February 2023: Community Service is designed to bridge the gap between the community and waste pickers whereby various services will be offered like health checkups, games and sports, entertainment and information centres.

4. Event Day! Global Waste Pickers Day Celebrations 9th March 2023: The Global Waste Pickers Day Event will be a celebration of Waste Pickers and Waste Workers and also of the achievements made in the program.

5. National Solid Waste and Waste Pickers Stakeholders Forum June 2023:  A forum that will bring together stakeholders in the solid waste sector, waste pickers and waste cooperatives to discuss the current challenges and the way forward. 

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