Breaking Barriers: TakaNiAjira Foundation’s Mission to Empower Marginalized Waste Pickers

In an era marked by escalating concerns over environmental degradation and unemployment, the emergence of initiatives that address these issues together represents a promising development. TakaNiAjira Foundation stands at the forefront of this movement, embodying a visionary approach that integrates sustainable practices with the creation of meaningful employment opportunities. “TakaNiAjira” is a Swahili phrase that translates to “Waste to Decent Jobs” in English. With a steadfast commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goals 1(No Poverty),8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), 12(Responsible Consumption and Production) and 13 (Climate Action), the foundation endeavours to achieve Zero Waste while fostering economic empowerment.

Vision and Mission 

TakaNiAjira Foundation’s vision is ambitious yet clear: to attain Zero Waste through the creation of sustainable decent jobs. This vision is underpinned by a mission to design and implement social innovative programs and projects that contribute to proper waste management practises and create decent jobs for waste pickers and informal waste workers. By aligning its efforts with the SDGs, the foundation underscores its dedication to fostering inclusive growth and environmental sustainability.

Goals and Objectives 

The primary objective of TakaNiAjira Foundation is to bring light to waste and empower waste pickers/waste workers, encapsulated in the motto “Recognize, Build, and Value,” which emphasises acknowledging the valuable contributions of waste pickers, enhancing their capacity, and valuing their essential work. Through the implementation of innovative technologies and community-driven solutions like waste banks, the foundation aims to illustrate the potential of waste as a valuable resource when managed effectively. Transitioning towards a circular economy model, TakaNiAjira seeks to address the adverse effects of waste pollution while concurrently generating economic value.

Empowering Informal Waste Pickers

 At the heart of TakaNiAjira Foundation’s initiatives are informal waste pickers, who often belong to marginalized and underserved communities. Up to 20 million individuals worldwide are employed in the informal waste sector, according to official data. They are often the poorest of the urban poor and include a large number of women, children, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities who are compelled to work in this field. Yet they play a decisive role in safeguarding our planet, in 2016 alone, they managed to collect 27 million metric tons of plastic waste preventing it from ending in landfills or the ocean. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity and equity, the foundation prioritizes programs that empower these individuals by providing them with training, resources, identity cards, financial support, linkages, formations of their community-based groups and other support. By Photo addressing the specific needs of its target group, TakaNiAjira aims to catalyse positive social and economic change at the grassroots level.

Photo: Day to day waste pickers activities in Tanzania cities.

Photo: Waste Pickers Engage in Group Discussion at the 2023 Summit

Our Collaborative Approach to Sustainable Change

TakaNiAjira Foundation adopts a multifaceted approach to achieving its objectives, leveraging partnerships and collaborations with various stakeholders. A good example is the co-partnership with Nipe Fagio in the development and running of Global Waste Pickers programs in Tanzania, which has been instrumental in making the waste pickers program more successful. Additionally, by working closely with government agencies, businesses, civil society organizations, and local communities, the foundation seeks to amplify its impact and drive systemic change. Through advocacy, capacity building, and knowledge sharing, TakaNiAjira aims to foster a conducive environment for sustainable waste management and inclusive economic development.

Key Initiatives

 The foundation’s initiatives encompass various areas aimed at enhancing waste management practices. These include initiatives focused on raising public awareness regarding proper waste management techniques, as well as the design and implementation of innovative social programs tailored to contribute effectively to waste management solutions. Furthermore, TakaNiAjira is committed to empowering waste pickers, ensuring their voices are heard and their invaluable contributions acknowledged within the waste management ecosystem.

Through these multifaceted efforts, which prioritize the adoption of best practices and the integration of cutting-edge technologies, TakaNiAjira strives to optimize the entire value chain of waste management. By minimizing the environmental footprint associated with waste disposal and fostering sustainable practices, the foundation is dedicated to creating a cleaner and more resilient environment for present and future generations.

TakaNiAjira Foundation epitomizes the potential of collective action in addressing complex societal challenges. Through its holistic approach to waste management and employment generation, the foundation offers a blueprint for sustainable development that prioritizes both people and the planet. As we navigate towards a more equitable and sustainable future, the work of TakaNiAjira serves as proof of the transformative power of innovation, collaboration, and social entrepreneurship.

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